Do you wet the brush before using acrylic paint? – Free Online Art Lessons For Children

You should! After you’ve done your painting session, make sure to clean all the brushes before you put them away.

4. Paint a “Wet Stroke” on the brush. Do it right away.

It’s the perfect way to go during your painting session! You can also do it on the wrong day. Just wash it right when it’s wet.

5. Paint a “Hollow Bend” on the brush. Once your brush is dry, paint it a full “Hollow Bend” and repeat the application one more time.

6. Do the “Hollow Bend” twice to get a nice flat surface to paint on. You can leave a little bit of a gap before you close it.

7. Try a “Wetstroke” on the brush if you’re only using acrylic paint. Make sure to dry it for a while after you do it so that the paint can really flow right down the bristles. The acrylic paint dries faster when it’s not sprayed too fast.

8. Try the drybrush approach if you don’t have any acrylic paint from the last step!

9. If you really want to know what goes on during the dry brush, please go to an artist friend’s house or a craft store and take a look. Then you can try dry brushing and see all the different techniques you can use during your painting session.

About the Author: Matt Gartner, artist and web artist in Philadelphia, has taught, designed, and exhibited for over 16 years. Matt lives with his wife of 28 years, who he met while working in the art industry, and his daughter, who is a graduate of The Second City.

(Catherine Salkeld is a columnist for The Washington Post and contributor to “The Fiscal Times” and “Atlantic Council”. The views expressed are her own.)

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