Do you need to prime canvas for acrylic paint? – Online Digital Art Classes

No, just paint it up. You only paint the edges of the canvas and you’re done.

What color is the piece you’re going to have?

Blue – because blue is my favorite color. It’s light so that when you light it up it looks like it’s very cool.

When I’m painting my project, I always ask my artist to tell me what color they would paint it. Usually once I start to paint, they’ll tell me their color, and I’ll try my best to match it to the color they painted it in.

What materials do you use when painting?

I used acrylic paint for this project, and it was an interesting process because I had to start painting on pieces as big as a sheet of six-by-10 and it took me a little while because I hadn’t painted on anything that big in a while. I also used a lot of white and blue glues for the pieces. Sometimes it will have red glues that come off the piece that I’m using to help it look the color I want.

I was surprised how much paint I used on this piece – do you ever paint that much on one piece at one time?

There will be a day where I get very busy, so I usually just work on one piece every other day. It takes a long time to paint a small piece, unless it’s a very detailed project.

So the piece I’m doing today is really detailed – how long are you going to paint it?

I usually paint about a foot square, but once I’m done with that it’s just paint on and paint off. I don’t do it like I usually do it – I start very big, but after I paint a good number of them I’ll usually start getting down to smaller pieces.

How do you feel about painting on canvas and plastic?

They’re the same medium – a canvas is the same thing that I use for my wood. They look almost identical, so I can just try to make it look as close to the wood as possible.

What type of piece are you working with today?

I’m working with a wood carvings piece, but the style of it will usually depend on the type of carvings they were originally made in. The styles we normally use have changed a lot over the years, so that means we’ll see them all kind of look pretty different.

What types of

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