Can you take art classes online?

Yes I am a professor with classes online.

What do you teach?

I teach art history, painting, sculpture and painting techniques. I love experimenting with different visual approaches on my own projects. For a studio class, I teach beginners how to use a pen, charcoal, watercolor, watercolor paintbrush, watercolor eraser, watercolor brush and watercolor paints. I also teach studio classes for artists. Some of my favorite classes include, painting in black, white and acrylic, painting in medium of wood, drawing on graph paper and drawing on charcoal. My clients are from many walks of life, and in the last two years I have received a commission from a family member to create a painting for her son’s 10th birthday.

How did you get into the arts?

My parents were both artists and teachers so it was an easy transition for me. My family loves working in all sorts of different mediums which led to a fascination, and a desire for a different kind of art.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m very excited to be traveling with the students so get to see a lot of different places! I am also preparing for the upcoming Art Institute of Cincinnati! I currently have a graduate degree from St. Olaf College in Design. But looking forward to starting a studio in the fall. I also love to read and go to concerts and museums and do other artistic projects.

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Have you always been creative or had this been something you’ve been interested in all your life?

I’m an artist and have always enjoyed being in this artistic realm. For the past 15 years this has been my full time job. But since going to college I have made my living doing different creative work.

I am a professor with classes online.

What would you say are your 3 favorite things about your job?

I would say being able to create and give a course of my work to the art community is the most important thing!

What do you think are the biggest challenges of being a professional artist?

Having to be ready for work all the time!

How would you describe your personal style?

My personality leans towards traditionalism. So, I’m most comfortable being in the dark room and painting over anything! But, I would say my palette is very diverse and I would really rather use a palette with different colored shades to mix and match all your colors.

What is your favorite