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I think I can, too.
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Have you ever considered a career as a cartoonist? If so, what did you do?

I’ve never considered this. I would love to be in a cartooning company, but I can’t see myself as either a cartoonist or illustrator. I just can’t give up my love of drawing and it wouldn’t be something I would be interested in pursuing for the rest of my life just because of it. I’ve always loved drawing. I could do just about anything and all my drawing experience would be gained in this kind of way. I love comics, movies, graphic novels, and animation. I believe myself to be an artist who could really be of some interest to people. I think I would enjoy the chance to do what I do very much.

It’s pretty obvious that you like the comic field. Do you consider yourself a comic book fan in addition to a film/TV fan?

I don’t read comics as a fan, but I find that I do enjoy watching television, and I enjoy drawing. It seems like I like every aspect of animation, so I am always happy to see it. I think my favorite aspect is how the visual effects are handled.

So you think the story tells itself as you watch the film?

Yeah I think so. I think it’s one of those experiences where even though it’s a very hard film to watch, it’s an excellent movie and it’s a lot of fun. A lot of my favorite movie scenes are ones that you see from a first person point of view, and so having the visual effects to tell it has always been very important to me. I would not go down that road because I know what it is to be a fan of this particular kind of film, but I can certainly appreciate these kinds of movies and I am happy to just sit back and enjoy them.

Any new movies in the works?

Right now I am busy talking to someone about what we can possibly do in the future. I haven’t quite decided. I think we can do something with the show, but if not, I can probably do other stuff for it. That’s kind of how I am. I would like to continue with the show. I love doing the character designs and the story development and the characters—I always find it fun to create a character from nothing and then have them come to life. It’s sort of amazing and it’s a real thrill to

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