Can you draw without reference? – Sparketh

Nope, we don’t have a drawing program.

When we say to draw something, is it reference or in 3D?

Reference, we draw it in full 3D.

Is that in order to use the 3D in game?


The way that we handle all the different things is to go up to the scene and tell it what’s going on.

We didn’t go to all that trouble to draw your house on canvas, or whatever.

A lot of people have been saying that this is a 3rd-person perspective game.

Do you think that is the best way?

Well I’d say that the game, yeah, is sort of just me in the perspective.

I mean, for the most part, I’m just here with my camera and the game. That is really about it.

The game has a lot of other things happening in it, like there are some different things going on in there, and the objects are actually made of other things, like a chair that was made of clay made of clay.

Does this mean there is something happening on screen?

Well, we don’t talk about that at all. This will all sort of fade out to a black screen.

That’s the part we don’t talk about.

Where are the controls?

We have like a mouse.

There were different devices that we made for the game that were used for the user interface.

You’re used to that.

The mouse also works.

When you’re working with the user they don’t use a mouse or keyboards and keys a lot.

When the user goes into a game and gets that kind of input, they’re not used to it.

They don’t know what button corresponds to what and what’s coming next, and they want something more comfortable.

We went with a keyboard and not just a mouse.

That’s part of the point.

I’m a big keyboard guy.

I really appreciate it for when I’m a kid and playing around with a Nintendo.

I really appreciate that.

I’m really happy that you made the game more comfortable as well, but I’m not sure what kind of input you’re offering for different things.

I guess we’ll just try it with the mouse again, it feels kind of awkward to press.

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