Can you draw without reference?

Do you need to use some kind of reference?

No. I don’t need to. I have a very large variety of reference materials at my disposal and I use them frequently. I’m comfortable drawing as a black, white, square, rectangle, or whatever that I am drawing on paper. Any of these will do. I don’t draw using reference materials, or reference sheets, or anything.

I’m going to read two books in particular that might interest you.

In the introduction to The Modern Book is the introduction to The Art of Language by J.M. W. Jacobs, who is a writer-commissioned by the Library of America. Jacobs’ book, The Art of Language: The Science and Art of Language, is available in paperback at Amazon.

The second book is called The Art of the Reading Room by Alan G. Segal, and it’s in an audio format.

Alan G. Segal’s book is called The Art of Reading Room. The book can be found with audio on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble book stores. You can check out a review of the audiobook at this link.

Can you sketch? Can you draw on canvas? Can you paint or sketch?

Yes, I can do those things.

Can you draw on paper without ink? Ink is what gives color to things on paper (i.e., the color of chalk, chalkboard, etc.)

No. No, you can not. The paint on paper, with water and a little help, creates a solid object.

Can you draw in clay without clay? You can try it if you have the materials, but I don’t believe you can copy a painting by copying a drawing, because you don’t know how the object looks.

I don’t believe anyone has ever tried to copy a painting as closely as they can a drawing.

Can you draw with pencil in a sketchbook without a pencil?

Yes. It’s true that some pencil sketches do end up with line drawings, but the line drawings aren’t always as perfect and beautiful as the drawings with pencil. Some people use a sketchbook for this purpose, but when someone first starts drawing by hand, it’s best to do it with pencil. (See the drawing I did at this link: Drawing with pencil in sketchbook).

Can you draw with a pencil in water colored pencils? You can try drawing with water colored pencils,