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I’d like to do it! I’m also a freelance photographer and I have a photo school. I’m a tattoo nerd and have a pretty damn good ink drawing background (my wife took my mom to the movies for my second tattoo). I started a tattoo blog where I give tutorials on how to do tattoos, and do them all for free. I work for free as a side job while drawing, I’ve got a lot of amazing clients that I’ll post all about here.

So my goal for 2016 was to become an actual freelance tattoo artist! But there are several barriers in the way, which I’m going to address here. If you’d like to follow along in the journey, check out my Patreon! I’m still working in my spare time on the website, and I would love to continue contributing to it.

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The Challenges

First of all, before getting anything tattooed, I should mention that I am a huge believer in being patient and understanding the risks. I do not encourage anyone to go to a tattoo shop expecting to be inked in the hour or two it takes. I’ve had some of the most incredible experiences, but there will be some who will fall off the wagon. This process is not without its risks. It’s not a guaranteed way to get a tattoo. And it’s not necessarily the way I’d like to get a tattoo – but the alternative is much, much worse.

As far as the cost of the tattoo is concerned, I would have to say that it’s a lot less than I was getting tattooed before. It was way too expensive – about double what I would get at my previous studio.
I am now paying between $50 and $100/hour. That’s really fair but definitely not cheap. In fact, it’s not cheaper than what I would get in Miami, Miami, DFW and wherever the tattoo shop would be. It’s still far from my goal of being a fully-fledged professional tattoo artist. But then you consider the hours I don’t put in – and the cost of the equipment and materials – the process of getting a tattoo has been pretty difficult for me too. It wasn’t a painless process, that’s for sure. I learned a lot, and a few things about tattoo design were reinforced. All in all, that made it a lot easier.

I would have to say that my worst experience of getting a tattoo so far was at the last studio I worked at, and on the last

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