Can you be a tattoo artist without knowing how do you draw? – Art Classes For 7 Year Olds

I know a lot about photography. I’m not a real good photographer; what I do is really what people do. I just learned how to draw, and then I just tried to make some art out of it.

How does tattooing affect your style of clothing?

In terms of clothing, it’s kind of not so much. There aren’t things like teddy bears and things like that on my body. My style is just, like it had never changed — whether I’m wearing it or not — I have this weird, crazy wardrobe. It’s always kind of funny to go out and see something you can only wear to work and go, “Oh, is this for work? Is this not cool?” I know a lot of artists who have that same wardrobe.

How do you decide what kind of tattoos you want on yourself?

I’ve always loved tattoos. I just never really have made a conscious decision on what type of tattoo to do. I’ve always had kind of goofy tattoos on my body; I’ve had a lot of crazy tattoos, and it’s kind of changed over the years like my career. I don’t really know what to pick. It’s not really like one area or one thing anymore; I just do what I want.

What is your opinion on tattoos on people that are not as talented as you.

Well, the first thing is always, I don’t really want to have anything to do with that. It doesn’t even mean that I wouldn’t love it, but you do not want to be involved in that. But the second thing is that I really don’t like to tattoo. My tattoos are all really, really bad. They were always bad, and I always kind of hated getting them, but I think the fact that it’s so bad now is just proof that it happened to me.

Are tattoos the only thing you have been tattooing for?

The only thing I’ve done with a tattoo artist is my tattoo on my hand. We haven’t had any other tattoos, though, and all of my tattoos at that point were all on my hand. This was in 2003? My first tattoo was on my arm. After that, I just got a hand with nothing on it, just on accident. For my fingers I just made some of my hands bigger and different.

What does your new tattoo say about you?

It says, “It’s ok to change.” I’m not

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