Can you be a self taught artist?

Yes! All you need is:

a sketchbook

a pen and paper

A lot of patience and patience isn’t a bad thing when you’re starting out!

How much do you plan to learn by doing it?

This isn’t a job! For some people this might mean learning Photoshop or something similar to make a portfolio, a drawing or whatever you wanna do next. For other people, this might mean learning Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, or using a free program like Photoshop Elements, or even learn to code something in Python!

How big of a commitment is it to do this?

Not much! There are a lot of resources for it, and there will likely be someone in a class who will teach you after you pass the class. Maybe just a couple hours a month. You’ll also likely come back to a little less than you learned last class too so your focus will move a little.

Do I have to have any previous work or experience to use my own materials?

No no no no no no no no no no no no not no no no no no. No no. Don’t say that, that’s just embarrassing. I mean it actually works. Seriously. Take it. If you want to learn, it’s ok. If the only options for you are these two, then go do all those things. For everyone else, you’ve got to show up. You don’t gain anything by only making a small sketch on your computer.

How long does it take you to learn how to draw?

I’d assume it’s an hour. But then again, that’s just me. And you may have taken a different answer from my.

How long will it take you to learn how to draw?

I don’t know. You can answer that later. For now, here is something that will probably surprise you. Once you draw something, you immediately learn and it becomes second nature and you are not left with a bad habit. You get better and better and it starts becoming part of your life. Just like that, you can say goodbye to sketching.

What is the best thing to do when people ask you about how to be a good artist?

I have no idea that. My brother would have been the best person to ask to find out. I think he would have been able to tell you what to study!

How much would you expect to put in