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I don’t have any special or special background. I got through college on a CAMPUS. That’s how I got through. I love it in Oakland, it’s so creative and laid back and you can find just good people to work with. I don’t know that I have been a self taught artist. I just think about what the people around me can bring in and the things that I can create.

When did you start making music?

It was around 2004. My parents started working, the whole family moved to California at this time. All my brothers and my sister came with me, and since I’m a very active kid and play a lot of tag along to the music, I started playing drums. My brothers and my sister started playing bass and guitar, so I started playing guitar.

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What song/songs/style inspired you to make music?

I don’t know, I like a lot of music, I’ll say “a few” of my favorites. The first I knew was “Wandering Song” by D-Roc, which was really popular in the 80’s. I just always liked that song and the way it was performed and you’re playing with your fingers. I had that one like always.

The second thing was “The Best I Can Do” by The Police which was the second single off of their album The Big Come Down. I remember I didn’t really know how to write songs, I just knew that what they do is really interesting and cool. I really liked The Carpenters, I love their music, but I didn’t know how to write well enough to make a song. They have a style I think a lot of people would like, they are very laid back but you don’t have one. They can be really cool sounding or their style is just completely different. That’s something I definitely loved, and that’s just something I like!

The third thing I really liked was ‘Riot’ by Coldplay. I liked their songs before but wasn’t that familiar with their music. I was not really sure as to the flow of their songs and what they did with the song as it goes on. I was just really into their songwriting and it just struck me at that point in my life. That caught me by surprise, I thought it was going to go in a different direction.

What’s your favorite video game?

My favorite video game is Final Fantasy Tactics which I haven

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