Can you be a self taught artist? – Online Summer Art Classes For High School Students

A. Yes I can.

Q. How are you training for this?

A. I’m a freelance painter, illustrator, screenwriter, and all-round artist who has been doing this craft for over a decade. I have a small studio in Toronto that houses over 100 pieces of art, including a wide variety of paintings. I run workshops twice a week and occasionally host art parties on Facebook and Instagram. My art is my passion and my motivation.

Q. What advice would you give to someone wishing to start painting?

A. This starts with a passion to paint but it takes time to actually go to work on it and refine it. A lot of people think that a picture in an hour is enough. Don’t forget about the craft of illustration with the right techniques, the right materials, and the right person.

Q. How long has your background in illustration been, and where have you worked?

As a professional illustrator my skills were honed through workshops, workshops, workshops, workshops, workshops as I worked to bring my passion to the next level. I’ve never worked in illustration in professional schools, it’s a very hands on field of study. My work has a very ‘live’ and organic feel.

Q. Has it helped you get experience in professional illustration?

A. Yes it has. A lot has changed in the industry, but a lot of what I have learned have been applied to my work with painting.

Q. What do you think draws people to you?

A. It’s my attitude and my enthusiasm. My main goal isn’t to be the biggest artist in the room but to have fun with my work, bring something different and to create work where the viewer will feel inspired to do something. I love painting and can tell a good story and feel a need to share the story with you. For me, the process of creating work is the most important part! For anyone looking for inspiration, you can find someone in your community that’s working the exact same craft or working in your exact area.

Q. Tell us a little about the work you’ve done for Toronto’s Creative Coalition (formerly called the Toronto Media Arts Council).

Since joining Toronto Media Arts Council (TMA), my art has travelled the world and been showcased in galleries in Toronto and internationally. I’ve enjoyed collaborating with many great artists and groups through various projects but it’s been a dream to collaborate with one of

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