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Are online courses worth every penny? Find out with our handy-dandy online job calculators.

In a nutshell, a degree from a quality university provides you with some great skills for the fast-paced jobs in the workplace.

The good news is that there are enough degrees out there that can be of use in the job market.

In an online job search of our own, we found many university degrees that are of value in the work place.

This list is intended to give you a snapshot. We strongly recommend you check with your local university before selecting a degree online.
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For more details on different university classes, read our article on university study guides.

The Best Online Bachelor’s Degree (or Higher) Degrees

We’ve also compiled a guide that covers the best online degree programs (including postgraduate).

These degree and postgraduate programs have all been rated highly by other employers and have all done well in the ratings given to similar universities by job search tools like Indeed, and LinkedIn.

These are the best available degrees or postgraduate programs online, with the best available online job opportunities.

With over 500 degree graduates in our online job search database, there definitely is always someone on the job market who needs to look to you for a job.

The list in the image below is not complete, and is not intended to cover every online degree you may need. This list may include programs that are not covered by our online job search tools.

Read our guide to the best online degree programmes for a deeper look at the best universities offering online Bachelor’s Degrees or Higher.

4. Online Masters Degrees (or Higher)

Whether you’re looking for a Master’s, PhD or EdD degree in any course, it can be difficult to decide on the right degree to pursue.

If you’re currently studying for a degree or just learning a new subject, it can be overwhelming to pick a course and decide how you’ll fit into your work.

Online Degree Courses & Workplace Search Tools

As many students would appreciate, you don’t have to have a degree to take advantage of online degree courses.

However, having a degree will help you find the online education and employment opportunities of interest to you.

If you have an existing degree or postgraduate, take advantage of our job search tools and work to gain the skills and experience needed for the job market

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