Can I learn painting online?

There are a number of online painting tutorials out there. However, you can also learn by doing things in person. It’s possible in many places to find artists who want to take you under their wing and help you learn to paint, even if you don’t own any paints, brushes or any other equipment. We recommend that you first look at one of these websites.

We’ve also included a list of painting classes which are located around the country. There are no requirement to actually join any of them. However, they are generally quite good for someone who wants to learn to paint and is interested in going through a series of workshops.

Where can I learn to paint?

Some colleges and universities offer painting classes, but some of these classes may not be the most suitable for everyone. You’ll need to be prepared to pay the money to go there (often around £35 to £65 per person, depending on the experience one gets). However, that’s not really the point of this page. Why pay money to attend a painting class?
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When it comes to learning to paint, there really isn’t a need to spend your money on going to a museum. They generally only have a small number of paintings and a very limited audience. Instead, you could just learn by doing, through reading, viewing online tutorials and watching videos of other artists.

Where can I find online painting tutorials?

There are a few painting tutorials online. Some of the best ones are available here:

Is your website good?

It’s important to try and get a good rating on a lot of things, especially website reviews. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee a painting tutorial will be good, and a bad rating may mean you aren’t able to see something before you decide you want to buy it. If you can’t find anything about a painting, the best thing you can do is ask a friend or family member to watch a video on YouTube. Make sure you do that.

What should I look for when browsing for online painting classes?

Before heading out to go to a painting class, you should take a look at the website for the artist. It may have the name of the institution in some parts of the world, but if the name’s not available in your area then it isn’t likely to be a good one. If the website doesn’t have a high rating, you won’t be able to find it. The website should look professional, with good pictures to go