Can I learn painting online? – Free Online Art Lessons

I’ve been experimenting for years. I just recently started learning to paint professionally, but even if I don’t learn this quickly, you should probably still read this post first for an idea on what might be required to do at least a bit of painting online in a year’s time.

I did a bunch of painting projects with a friend’s mom and she asked “what if I take your class online”, and I said “yeah, that will be hard because I also like to watch painting, and you don’t have anything online”.

A few weeks later, the friend’s mom finally gave in and she took our classes and she said “now I’m gonna take online classes for free so I can learn online and not get distracted and I’ll do whatever you teach me”.

Free Online Art Lessons and Tutorials

Now all we have to do is just wait.

What is the deal with the $200/month fee that seems to be required to complete a course?

The price is the main problem. I’ve never had a class that was $200/month, but I do know of courses where the price was $350/month and the students never paid anything and the professor just wanted extra money, etc.

As a teacher, if there is a price that you cannot get out of, you can’t start.

I’d ask a lot of students why they’re studying “stuff” in a class that they can’t afford to pay for. The answer is a lot of factors.

For example – if you can study something that will lead to you getting a job with some great salary but you don’t have the $300/month required to take it, then you probably don’t want to do this.

If the question is a little more difficult to answer, you probably do not have the skills or the ability to pay, but here’s a couple ideas (not a list) that you can try.

1. Find a non-profit or government organization to help you learn from

If a community college or private school offered you scholarships, free classes or anything for you to take, just ask for help and you might be able to borrow money if you can get enough interest on it for a few months.

You might get a few scholarships to help you pay for your tuition, though I never saw any money coming in after I applied. I did however get a little bit in the mail from a couple of the scholarships that I applied for, and I got

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