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If you have spent time learning how to draw a simple object you are ready for more advanced skills. There is a free online class to learn the basics first – a drawing class, taught by professional drawing instructors. Most drawings are not only for drawing beginners! You can start online drawing as soon as you learn to draw a simple object and if you don’t have a drawing class you can learn it at any time through a variety of free online classes.

Will I have to do more than just watch?

Yes, once you start drawing you will need to draw again and again to keep up with the speed and practice. The main thing you will focus on is timing, to be able to finish every simple or complicated task in under five minutes! You can use any time limit that works for you and don’t worry if the art is not perfect as long as it’s in that area. If you can’t get the drawing right then your drawing skills don’t improve in that area and you lose out on your next lesson.

What will happen if I don’t learn to draw within a short time?

We recommend that you start drawing with an object that is easily recognizable in your scene. This will help you to learn quickly and help to develop skills that will help with your next drawings. If you are learning on your own then we recommend that you start your next class at the end of July as this is what the course starts all about – learning to draw. This is a great time to get some free time and to get a head start before you attend other classes!

Can I get a free practice drawing?

Of course! You can get a free drawing before enrolling in our online classes. Once you enroll we won’t charge your card/password for your free practice drawing! You just have to let us know that you want a drawing and we will be glad to send you a drawing! It is up to you to make sure that you make your drawing in the right area – the more of a straight line it is, the faster you will learn to draw.
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How many classes do I need?

We recommend the 2 day class. If you only need a shorter drawing lesson then just skip the lesson and come back to the next day as it will be much more effective.

Do you have free access to the art?

Yes, we do offer a free full access to Art Studio Online, as it’s the only full online art class that we offer

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