Can anyone be good at drawing? – Art Course Kids Online

I’m pretty good if asked. At least with a little more help. I try to get to know everything, from the smallest detail to a massive battle. I try to have an ink brush in front of me so that I can see exactly what that thing is I’m drawing and what I’m trying to draw.

If I wasn’t good at this, what would I be?

I would be an artist, probably with a background in architecture or the like.

What does your mother think of your art?

My mother doesn’t like to sit there and admire my drawings. She tells me when they become too large it’s hard to see it so I should try to keep it smaller. If I had to pick one she would pick the ones that I can see so I can see what I’m trying to get across. I don’t know if she knows who I am or not, but one day, I hope she does. I hope that someday someday her children’s children will take over and run the world…and I hope that someday I get to visit.

How do you write? Do you do handwritings or are the drawings all done digitally?


What kind of paper are you using? Is it regular paper or what?

A regular pen and some crayons.

What is your favorite part of drawing?

I’m a big fan of all things, but that’s a little too broad.

What is your favorite color for drawings?

I prefer dark, sometimes with lots of black.

What is your favorite part of drawing?

Making them. The process is just the most wonderful thing ever.

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