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Absolutely. Drawing has been practiced by artists since as far back as ancient China. For most of us, the ability to grasp a brush is an important part of our adulthood – when we try a new skill, the most basic thing we can do is try to do it on paper. Yet in all probability we’ve never seen a drawing in person. It’s difficult to put a person on stage and tell him or her what to make of what we see; it takes a certain kind of vision. It’s the same for the artists who want to draw.

Do artists need training?

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If you ask anyone who’s studied drawing or painted in the last century, he or she would answer “No”. The art of drawing – and painting – is much younger than drawing and painting has a long history in China.

And what about the idea that drawing must be a “pure” art? Or that you can’t teach it?

There is no such thing as ‘pure drawing’. There are quite a few techniques, techniques that can be learned. But the art of drawing can only be practiced when mastered, otherwise it will become worthless.

What do the Chinese call artists who teach drawing?

A drawing artist is someone who can draw people, landscapes and cities. In this sense, drawing is the art of living, not only living.

One of the things that draws attention in China is what is called the “Art-Master’s Collection”, which includes all kinds of objects and paintings. In other words, the collection is a good symbol for the idea of a “pure style”. However, it is a small number of objects and painting that represents the artistic heritage in Chinese art. The main thing is not the collection itself. The main thing is the quality of art.

Are there art museums and galleries in China?

The only major gallery is the “Great Art Museum”, founded in 1878 by the founder of modern Chinese art. It’s located in Beijing, which the museum was dedicated to during the Qing dynasty.

It was the official place of celebration of the founding of modern Chinese art.

So why is “Chinese art” so rare in museums?

Art is in fact one of the few things that China cannot create from scratch. It only possesses the essence of other cultures. It is also the most powerful cultural identity in the world, and as such, it’s very difficult to find other examples of this “traditional” art in museums. The world

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