Can adults learn to draw? – Art Lessons For Kids

Yes, but only if you have a good imagination. I remember the day my teacher, a teacher of drawing, took me out to the woods in the backyard one spring, and I couldn’t even stand to sit outside during the day in a park. I started to sit in the grass and draw, and by the end of the week, I had built up a new arm, a new head, and a whole new body.

Can my children learn to draw?

As I get older, I want my children to develop a sense of self esteem. I used to ask my kids what were their favorite toys. One, one of my boys’ sons, had a little guy; another boy, his little brother, had a cat. He didn’t remember which toy his brother and his cat were, and then I asked him. He said, “They are my favorite.”

Are there any books or activities that you feel should be included in the curriculum of the child’s first grade?

I have seen this at the preschool level, especially in a rural setting—where the curriculum is geared specifically toward the child’s needs, not the parents. I believe that preschoolers should be encouraged to develop their own interests and curiosity, but still be taught how to draw. One of the goals of drawing for children is to provide them with opportunities to develop self-esteem and self-confidence in themselves as well as in their relationships. By doing this they will find that there is nothing as magical as what will happen on Easter.

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You may want to watch this educational short film.

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Read an excerpt from Robert L. Merete’s work for an introduction to the concept of “drawing in schools.”

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For your consideration…Robert Merete, artist, author, graphic designer, has written many books on drawing, drawing in schools, and on art and teaching with art and music.

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