Who is the best magician in the world? – Magic Tricks For Kids Step By Step Youtube With Instructions

“If there’s anyone who knows better than you why I would ask this question,” she says with a smile and a chuckle, “is probably the first magician that I ever knew … that’s true, I’m sure.”

As part of her presentation, Kelly asked audience members to write “Famous Magicians,” one of the first names they’d like to see represented on the Magician of the Year Award plaque next to her headstone. People responded with many different suggestions.

“What do I think? Just what’s the best?” Kelly says. “I would think it’s a combination of magic, a mastery of illusions, skill, intelligence. … The best person is someone that you can rely on and depend on because you trust that they can do the impossible.”

For example, she says the best is magic master Mark Danko (the “T.J.” in TV’s “Elementary”) of New York.

“That is what I would say,” Kelly says of Danko. “He, too, is someone that I would always go to for advice, which you could get in other ways as well.”

Kelly’s mother, Dorothy, also was called out as a magician.

“My mother was a very talented magician,” Kelly says. “I think it’s a mix of her natural talents and the hard work that she applied to it.”

Kelly says a young Kelly would sometimes help her mother in her day job as a nurse.

“My grandmother was one of the greatest nurses in America in her day,” Kelly explains. “She didn’t really have any special skill and didn’t do any special tricks, she just came to work and did her job.”
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Kelly’s best mother is always with her, she says. She’s called mom to “teach me things, to talk to me,” to “give me advice — just generally help.”

Like father

She also says her father — who passed away in 2009 — has always been her rock.

“My father’s legacy and his personality has survived through the years until today,” she says. “You can’t compare anything that’s happened in my life now — the things that have happened in my life — with how much I have learned from my parents. And I love my father for that. He’s definitely the one. I love him to death.”

At the end of her presentation, Kelly tells the crowd that her family continues to support each

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