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This question was first brought up in 2014 when it appeared that British pop-culture icon Rihanna’s video for her “Video Game Power” single was inspired by a popular occult symbol that is popular near Mexico. Since then, a variety of other references to dark magic have appeared as pop music has grown increasingly dark in tone; for example, the album title song from Blur’s 2009 album “There Is A Light” contains a cryptic reference to a dark ritual that was carried out by British black metal band Black Sabbath. Some people have said that these references are part of a cultural obsession with witchcraft. Whatever the reason, some people have tried in vain to use them as a basis for the modern phenomenon known as the “black magic.”

Where did the black magic come from?

The roots of black magic are said to be ancient. During the Middle Ages, it was common in some parts of the world to use human sacrifice, often of children. It was also common to “re-enact” murders, sometimes as ritualistic events involving animal sacrifices. In some places, it was common to bury victims in the ground so that no one would find their human remains. In Britain, it was said that people who went mad from the drug alcohol would often resort to drinking black beer to mask their inner demons. By Victorian times, it was common in some areas for children to be burned at the stake—by the 16th-century, a third of England’s children were said to have been executed in this way as punishment for committing a minor crime.

There are also stories of witches who had a reputation to protect; one such woman was Martha Mowbray, a former English governess, who was a known member of a group of witches known as the “Paparazzi,” the “haughty and proud ones.” Mowbray was once arrested for killing her abusive husband so that she would not have to spend the rest of her life in prison. Mowbray escaped her jail—and was captured and executed in 1667. Many of Mowbray’s fellow witches thought she had turned into a man.

So what is black magic?

The practice of black magic today has to do with exorcism, in which people summon supernatural evil to help them achieve goals with extreme force, often in the form of physical contact, which sometimes causes severe injury. It often involves the application of witchcraft and “trickery”—using one’s power to trick someone into doing

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