Where did the idea of magic come from? – Magic Tricks Cards

Haha, that’s easy. You see when you’re very little, you’re brought from the real world into the enchanted world, and you have to overcome this world’s barriers. It’s how you become a magician. And magic is also a very real thing. The world’s first magician is known as the magician called Merlin (Lore, Merlin). When the story was started, we had the idea of creating the world as a kind of mirror – we imagined these magical mirror worlds.

In a way, it was the same method as creating a fantasy with a lot of monsters in it. We just couldn’t create those monsters in the real world. The other was creating an enchanted world where a lot of people had their lives changed. Those people weren’t born into that world. They had to create that world for themselves. So we were born in that world. That’s how we developed Magic Knight Rayearth.

So, Magic Knight Rayearth evolved from this idea into something that could be released into the open world?

Not really. We didn’t need to make the world into a mirror, we wanted to create an enchanted world. The idea we had back then is that there should be many people around, and they would have these enchanted worlds around them. You can only imagine how the original concept would look like. There would be many worlds, and there could be many magical mirrors to see what happened in each world. So, there would be many worlds to visit. And, you can’t do that in an open world as of today, but we wanted to do that in Rayearth. So, we went to a lot of great places: New York, Paris, London, and other places that we were curious about. We looked at all this.

And in those places, you can find people that are enchanted?

In the magical world, we wanted to create those people. One such person is Raydan, a warrior in the magical world. He travels around the magical world, bringing down the dark magic. The way his story was told in our world was that it’s his journey to protect Raydan from the enemy. He is protected by himself because of his magical powers, and all the people around him are also protected by their magical powers, and that way the darkness can be banished and Raydan able to take place in this world.

“Magic Knight Rayearth” in the U.S. is being distributed in Europe, so is there still a demand

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