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A man who claims to be a member of the CIA.


(Warning: Spoilers ahead for Daredevil season three episode 13.)

In previous appearances of the character, Matt Murdock has used his telepathic powers to read minds, and his powers were shown to be effective enough to force Luke Cage to reveal his secret identity, though Luke Cage wasn’t really prepared for what he was doing. But as it turned out, Matt’s powers had a purpose beyond just helping a good guy, and were able to bring an undercover FBI agent back to her senses.

If you haven’t already seen Daredevil season three, you can read his mind-reading flashback below.


Daredevil season three premieres Tuesday, September 20th at 10pm on Netflix.

(Photo: Netflix)

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It might have been the largest ever collection of e-cigarettes in the British Museum, but the discovery of a “visceral” exhibition of images of people smoking e-cigarettes has the British public wary.

The exhibits had been displayed in one of the museums’ museums’ archives for 40 years until a collection coordinator discovered they had not been moved or stored correctly.

They were also not identified. It is understood that the exhibition is part of a massive collection and that each individual exhibit was a specific one in their own collection. The collection coordinator has been contacted by the British Museum, who have asked for it to be brought together, in an effort to restore the exhibit with care.

“The display was so big we had to put together a plan which would work and make sure this was done correctly because if it hadn’t been, we had all these lovely, wonderful pictures of what they were like, but they wouldn’t have got any further.

“There are lots of old photographs of smoking, especially those of young people, and you have to be able to take the pictures and put them all together.

“We were extremely lucky that we had such a good archive as well as this wonderful collection, and I can only commend them for having looked after the old displays with such care.

“I can’t describe it as heartache. If there had been any other collection like this, it would have been closed up sooner.”

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