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The oldest magic organization that I have looked at is the Dark Brotherhood, and it is very close to the start of the first Era, around 1270. It is a very complex organization, but it is made up of four groups:

Cult, the guild or sect that you belong to that teaches you everything about magic. The Dark Brotherhood has two main schools, for the Dark Brotherhood itself is very secretive and its leadership has been seen only once in history, when the Emperor was executed.

Magic, for both the dark and light mages. The mage-kings and wizards of the Dark Brotherhood are the magi, they keep the books, and they make the decisions of the guild.

Bureaucracy, the people who actually write down the rulings of the Dark Brotherhood, the guild leaders and the magi. The Dark Brotherhood uses three types of bureaucracy, for the mage-kings and wizards, it is made of the Dark Brotherhood Council, it can’t be used by the council because the Dark Brotherhood Council don’t have enough magi. The Dark Brotherhood does have a small group of officials, like an ambassador to the kingdom, but it can’t use diplomats.

Legislation, the other bureaucracy for both the Dark Brotherhood and the Dark Brotherhood Council. So basically, for Dark Brotherhood, Legitimacy. For the Dark Brotherhood Council, it is basically Legitimacy, except only for the Dark Brotherhood Council can legislate and the Dark Brotherhood Council can’t, at some points, but the Dark Brotherhood Council has to.

When you first enter the Dark Brotherhood Temple, the first mission you are given is the Dark Brotherhood’s law, that says to stop the Dark Brotherhood from being corrupted. This seems to apply to all magic in general.

When you do a lot of magic, like a lot of combat, or fighting with necromancy, you start to get to know how the Dark Brotherhood laws work, and how they are applied in this world. Then you’re able to talk to the Dark Brotherhood Council and they tell you about it that way.

How are all magic spells applied in the game?

The spells are the things you learn on your own, by doing your own research. So they are all divided up by class (mage, thief) but each class gets different spells, so if you want to learn magic (or necromancy, as some people might not understand that) you need to learn magic on your own, and

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