What is the easiest magic trick?

A little bit of magic.

What is the hardest magic trick? One of the hardest. I’ve had many of the hardest tricks in my life. Like I said, I’d be a fool to get on the internet and look into the details of any of them because I’ve had many of the hardest ones. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t had some good ones in my life, of course, but I also know that’s a very bad place to go when it’s such an intense thing that you have to go into detail and what a lot of people want to do or what they want to do or how to do it. So that’s why I’m not going into details on that.

This is a long interview and I’m still learning and I hope one of those things I say is useful to you. If you read this and have any advice to add, I appreciate it very much.

I’m an independent filmmaker from San Francisco and am currently working on a film about the impact of the recession on immigrant and refugee populations in the City. Although I have been able to find jobs, housing, health insurance and food, I’ve been homeless and hungry almost every night. A large part of the film explores the impact of joblessness on families (a “shelter-in-place program” is mentioned), homeless populations and the homeless themselves.

How do we address the root causes of poverty? How do we develop the resources to end homelessness?

The film’s director and lead performer, Sarah A. Stoll, spent 8 months filming in New York and Los Angeles to answer these questions. She interviewed over 200 volunteers on the front Lines program, a multi-cultural support system for homeless teens. She spoke with several other former panhandlers who volunteered their bodies on camera to get a deeper understanding of how these kids navigate daily realities.

The film is a personal story, but it is also a look back at the impact of the Great Recession on a diverse number of individuals and communities. It chronicles the stories of individuals with various ages and backgrounds, from immigrants to homeless veterans.

The film’s soundtrack is from the band I Love You, but the lyrics are by a musician (and friend) in our community. He helped me brainstorm the story, and the song with which I hope to create a meaningful connection to some of these youth:

If you’d like to support this film as it