What is the easiest magic trick? – Jabrezzy Magic Tricks Revealed Levitation Wand

If the trick is hard, you know someone who does it.

If the trick is easy, you know someone who does it less often.

If both are true, then you know someone who is more comfortable with it than you are

How easy is hard in everyday life?

If someone makes a mistake, does his friends accept it?

If an event happens that could potentially upset you, will you let it happen?

If someone makes a mistake, does he really understand his actions?

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If the answer is neither yes, nor no, do you trust them?

If you answer yes, then you trust them and have a feeling that they will not forget mistakes in the future

If you answer no, you are unsure if they really understand the situation.

How much effort does it take to solve a problem?

If someone asks for help, do you help them?

If a problem seems too big to solve, do you still find the time to solve it?

If you have to work to solve a problem, do you feel that it makes you lazy?

How much effort does it take to solve a problem that does not involve a problem to solve?

If you don’t like the answer in any way, do you ask another friend to give you a different opinion?

If you do not like the answer, do you go ahead and try making a new one?

If you prefer to work alone on a major project that requires an entire team, do you not like the choice?

If you prefer to work alone on a project that involves a team, do you not think that being a team member is just what your work calls for?

Can you tell if someone is lying just by the way they act?

If someone is acting like a complete asshole, would you believe it is the same person?

In other words, if people do things without fully understanding what they are doing, is it fair or accurate to label them as such?

Can you tell it by the actions of their words and actions?

Are people trying to achieve something that others already have?

If yes to any of the above questions, do you trust the person more than you trust yourself?

Are you an easy mark? Are you lazy? Are you a tool for self-esteem?

If you answered all of these questions well and you feel like you are

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