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What is the difference between telekinesis and true telekinesis? What are telekinesis’ disadvantages and advantages? How can I obtain the necessary training for use with these powers?

How to Train for Use with Telekinesis (and Other Psi Powers) Written by Mark Johnson

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Mark J. Johnson is a Certified Telekinetic. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1998 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Since then he’s studied both the occult sciences and neuroscience on a daily basis.

During each of his many studies he has developed methods of using the forces of the mental/spiritual world to help him to better himself. He has developed an extensive knowledge of telekinesis, psychic abilities, and has taken a number of courses in the past about this amazing power. He has made numerous trips to Japan, China, Egypt, the Middle East, and many other parts of the world over many years. His most recent study was in Europe in 2007 and he has been able to help his family and friends on a regular basis. Mark’s study has given him a greater understanding of how the mind of other people works in the spirit world and how they are able to communicate and interact with other people, entities, and the universe at large.

Mark’s study includes:

a brief history of the occult sciences

a brief history of telekinesis and psychics

a description of the four ways to activate the mind and use psychic abilities

a description of the mind-body connection

a quick guide to the necessary learning material for all students of telekinesis and psychic abilities

In all of these studies Mark has been able to see that there are many differences between true telekinesis and telekinesis that is based upon a mind-body connection. True telekinesis is when two minds or other human minds join forces in order to create energy and objects of consciousness for telekinesis applications. The mind-body connection is the main difference.

To use telekinesis, students must first have a basic understanding of its workings, which they should develop through continual study. It is not uncommon, though, for students to develop telekinesis abilities on their own and do not have formal training in any of the psychic or telepathic disciplines. However, a study of

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