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(Cf. the first three of the following books, “On Psychic Power” by Robert L. Carrington, “Psychic Powers and Supernatural Powers” by Robert F. Kennedy, and “Supernatural Powers and Human Powers” by Robert F. Kennedy).

In fact, Psychic is the word we use to designate psychic or spiritual powers, powers, or abilities. Many people are not even aware of the term psychic, or that it is in the same word as psychic.

I use the term psychic only because the English Dictionary provides no definition for it. One would think that if it meant psychic or spiritual ability, it would be on the dictionary. Yet the English Language contains no definition of “psychic”, nor any definition of “power” (to “power” something in the language). There is no standard word for the idea that there are supernatural entities of all varieties, and in one of the oldest dictionaries the word “psychic” doesn’t even appear.
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The next time you hear someone say that, “There are things out there, and people can see them”, think for a minute. You may find yourself thinking the same thing about many things you find in nature. Some of what you find are “psychic” and a few may not seem to be so. Some “psychic” things, even though you think they are, may actually have a material basis. You may even be able to see and feel “psychic” phenomena in your own mind’s eye. And, most people that know that there are such things have some kind of “pseudo-senses”, which are used on an unconscious level by our brains to determine whether or not any “psychic” event is real.

If you try to make any sense out of what I am saying, you should remember that “psychic” is used by some people just as “spooky” by others. The words mean many different things to many different people, and when one sees what “psychic” means to others, one might think that they are “crazy”, but to themselves “psychic” might have a basis in reality.

I’ve taken many different examples of things that you read, hear, and experience at some point in your life, because many of them have a “parallel” dimension, and because you can feel an extra dimension of reality when you go there that you haven’t really felt in your own reality. For instance, you have found that you can see all

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