What is mind reading?

It is the act of manipulating information about another person to the point where their thoughts, beliefs and emotional states are completely altered.

For example you might think about something, then think about something different, then think about things even more different. As you look at this you may realise that you are thinking about an area of interest related to the same area of interest that you were once interested in.

I use mind reading to read people’s minds and often it does not work. As a result I feel like a cheat. I need to ask permission because they know something that I did not. What is more, I can feel that as I am thinking of ideas I am thinking about them in a very limited way. That can make me feel quite uncomfortable if my subject is highly sensitive to any such changes.

It can be annoying but it is also helpful because I can sometimes use this to create things for myself. As well as this I can use mind reading to get a read on other people’s minds.

How to do it:

You can use this technique with anyone who you wish as long as you do not make it too common or it will be awkward at best.

One easy way is to say: “What do you think of this?” and then when you have finished your thoughts about a subject ask them whether they think “yes, yes,” or “no.” If they say “yes” then use what I will call “brain reading,” which is the ability to read people’s mind by reading their thoughts, feelings or physical states. A person is being given an assignment to put words on a piece of paper (or cardboard, for that matter). The tasks is to draw a picture of their thoughts on that piece and when they have finished they will be handed the paper and handed a blank sheet of paper – the assignment.

There will be four groups of people and all will have their own assigned assignment. These groups will go through this assignment in a controlled room until all are asked to draw a picture of their thoughts.

Once they have drawn their thoughts they will be shown a diagram of how a person’s thoughts fit together. In some cases that might mean that one group of people are being asked to write the whole of the word “mind” and in other cases they will have an area that must be filled in and that will be asked to draw a picture of this area of space (or area of mental space).

The diagram, which was drawn by the people