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(CNN) — At age 75, Albert Einstein has not seen a doctor since 2006. His doctor, a physician at Einstein Memorial Hospital, told him he could not undergo surgery to remove a brain tumor.

The patient was given three months to live. But the cancer was never confirmed, and Einstein, who won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1955 for his discovery of the special and general theory of relativity, lived two more decades.

Now, there’s proof that the man has made a full recovery.

During a September 7 lecture at The New School in New York City, Einstein recounted a conversation with his grandson about his father’s health problems.

Einstein said he found out about his grandfather’s death while he was traveling for work in California.

“The doctor on the plane suggested that he go see him,” Einstein said. “Albert asked to take off his pants, which was not possible, and so he did. He went into the bathroom, got a bathtub full of water and just began to soak in the water all day. He thought, ‘Is this the end? Will this end?’ His mind was full of everything else that he could think about.”

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There may be some kind of link between the so-called Bitcoin bubble and the collapse of the US housing construction industry.

Bitcoin itself, the world’s most famous alt-currency, has soared over 200% against the US dollar over the past year. But a study by the National Association of Realtors published yesterday claims that US housing prices could have plunged by $4 trillion between 2014 and 2017 alone.

As the US housing industry began to see its biggest bubble in decades in the late 1990s, the US saw a similar “bubble effect” in real estate prices. According to the National Mortgage Settlement, the US housing construction sector gained nearly $5 trillion between 1997 and 2007.

There are plenty of reasons why US real estate prices could have collapsed over this period: foreclosing rates, high credit card debt, and the growing presence of subprime mortgages are often cited. But also contributing to price drops was an economic slowdown; unemployment rose, as did consumer demand; and US interest rates continued their downward spiral.

The NAIR report uses data from US Census Bureau, US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and realtors to estimate what a $1 billion loss in housing construction would have cost, along with $7 trillion worth

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