What is a link matrix? – How To Do Easy Magic Tricks Youtube For Kids

You’ve heard of a “link matrix”? Here’s one:

The idea of a LINK matrix (also known as links) is to combine together data from many separate sources (blogs, Facebook and Google+ etc).

Link matrix can help you compare two things together (the content or products you share, Twitter and YouTube videos vs blogs, etc)

The most difficult thing to understand here is that you are comparing 2 different data (the content or products, etc) to compare them side-by-side, even though they are one thing.

There are 3 major kinds of tables which are used in many companies:

Content matrix: A content matrix is used for comparing two different media sources in an overall table. You see the table below (it is a version from my blog post on Link Aggregation – Link Matrix is a great way to compare two media sources).

Media matrix: Media matrix is similar to a content matrix. However one of the elements is that the media has to be in a specific order with the same format. In a content matrix, the order of presentation is not important.

YouTube matrix: YouTube matrix is a version of the Content matrix, one of the best way to compare YouTube videos with blogs. You don’t want to see the YouTube video first, but the YouTube content would be very helpful.

Facebook matrix: Facebook matrix is a version of the Content matrix, however it has some extra elements that are not present in a content matrix.

Now, on to the examples.

1) Compare Blogs & YouTube videos

Let’s start with Youtube:

Let’s now compare different blogs.

The first thing we can do is to click “view videos” and see that all the videos show the same content at the same time:

Let’s also compare the time between the videos:

A better way to compare blogs is to just compare the length of the content:

How we are comparing these two videos is to see the time where the author says “Hi”, and the video starts:

It’s time:

The second example, is a blog, which are different from Youtube. The first blog is “ Money Saving Tips & Techniques for Living the Simple Life” and the second is “ Best Frugal Habits for Life” blog.

You can see on the above that there are 5 minutes difference in

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