What is a link matrix? – Easy Magic Tricks That Impress

A link matrix is the graph of all links connecting pages.

A link matrix is a useful way to understand a site and understand where pages are coming from, and also where you might find something. The advantage is that the link matrix allows you to see a site’s navigation structure and the relationships that links have in the links, and then link back to a single page or section of a web site that is interesting. For example, if you can’t find a page, a link matrix might help you find another page, another category of content, or another related section of the site. The downside is, if the site is old and is full of stale content, a link matrix might become a source of problems for your site, and it may not be worth doing.

Is there more to link tracking than a simple simple link matrix ?

Yes, there are several advantages to link matrixing, but there are several limitations as well. One limitation I will discuss in my next section of this “How do I use this?” article is how complex data from many different sources can be difficult to use to properly calculate a link matrix. A second limitation is that you cannot use more than one, single link matrix to analyze a page.

Here is an example of a page that I built after creating a document on a simple web site for building a home improvement site for my own family. It is a simple web page with just basic information for the builder to use. (Please note this will only work with my old version of Firefox — older versions of IE might not be able to render the text well.)

One link matrix, with about 1,500 records.

Another, larger link matrix, with about 2,500 records.

A third, larger link matrix, of about 3,000 records.

A fourth, larger link matrix, with about 4,000 records.

And one more, larger link matrix, with more than 5,000 records.

What can users see about a page?

One use of a link matrix to analyze a page is to see what information the pages links are doing and how it fits together. (For example, if I want to understand how many links are coming from the “About Us” page to the home page I will make a link matrix and look at some of the other records that I can see showing how people find the page.) In addition, there are other ways of visually showing how links are connected to one another

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