What does dark magic mean?

In “Blood Money,” the best-selling book about organized crime, an organization of assassins known as the Syndicate operates as an underground, lawless kingdom, controlling trade on the world’s oceans. The book was so successful in its original publication, with nearly $8 million in sales and a million copies sold, that its publisher began a new version of the book called “The Syndicate: Under the Shadow of the Dragon” which focuses on a new version of the Syndicate called the Dragons. It’s a new chapter in the story that starts two centuries and two countries before the main book, and the end of the main story. This is in addition to the many other titles like “Blood Money” and “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” which all tie together into a larger story of international cartels and crime.


The Dark World


If you’ve read anything by Terry McMillan, you know that his characters are living in the world. He tells the story of his own creation as a teenager and his descent into insanity with his father, and the characters in his books are living as people instead of the characters depicted by his book. His main character, for example, is a teenager who lives in the city in a high rise apartment that houses a gang known as the Red Mist. One night, a gang fight breaks out at one of the apartment buildings. The Red Mist attack the building and start to burn it down. This all happens within a week and the gang have been able to get the Red Mist to back off and leave them alone. It’s not until six months later that the Red Mist attacks again, and this time the Red Mist are the aggressors. The gang fight is a violent encounter which gets very, very bad.

The story revolves around the Red Mist—their gang mentality, how they want to be and have different rules. The story involves the main character dealing with both sides of his mind and dealing with what he sees is a situation that is out of his control. In addition, there’s a mystery that emerges and an old woman who believes there’s an answer to a matter that keeps her waiting.


This story sounds like it could run in the series for a while, but the characters have other stuff in store for them and this can be a little frustrating sometimes. McMillan and his writing team have been working on this story for some time now, but the series doesn’t always run quite as nicely as some of his other books