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In the old days before the Dark Age, dark spells were used as a weapon against foes both in battle and in the night. The most well-known of the magic spells of the Dark Age include:

Vampirism The dark magic of vampirism was used as a form of camouflage against enemies (as in “you can’t see me, I’m right out there in the dark,” or “I’ve been hiding, this is my night magic.”)

Grave Robbing The dark magic of grave robbing was used to take what others did not: treasure from a dead person, their belongings, or even their enemies. Grave robbing was the most common form of dark magic when the Dark Age was still in progress.

Black Magic The dark magic of black magic was used to inflict pain on those whom it was directed against. Black magic included such evil spells as the Curse and Curse of Strahd, where the caster cast a curse upon foes, turning them into creatures of the same race and color. The most well-known black magic spell was Horrorspell, which caused all foes to be afraid of a person whose soul they wished to steal.

The list is quite extensive, but I encourage you to take a closer look. Perhaps you will make new spells of your own with an eye toward improving your combat effectiveness through use of your dark magic. Dark magic is powerful, and it often leads to some of the most powerful weapon and magical artifacts.

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Diana Gabaldon is one of my fantasy world-building colleagues at Fantasy Flight. Her work tends towards the darker side of the genre, with many stories concerning dragons, witches, and other supernatural creatures — both ancient and modern. Diana has also published a number of books for Fantasy Flight.

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