Is telekinesis a real thing?

Here’s what we know so far:

– Telekinesis can only work inanimate objects and structures

– Telekinesis works under certain circumstances

– A person can only control objects or structures with their minds

– A person can never control another person

– In real life, there are some basic laws of motion and gravity that a telekinesis device would have to follow to cause a motion

– There would be limits to the strength of a device, but a normal-strength telekinesis would be very strong

– A person’s body would move in a predetermined pattern with a small speed limit

– A person would be able to see the same time as others, so their thoughts would be in sync with each other

– A telekinesis device would have to create its own energy, so it would need to use an energy source

– A telekinesis device would need to be connected to electricity (such as a wire) to create its power

We really need to figure out how telekinesis works, as it really is such a revolutionary concept. It’s like the future of science or something.

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The latest round of political polls in Alabama has the former judge, Roy Moore, with a commanding lead.

Moore is supported by 36 percent of likely voters and Sen. Luther Strange, the former head of the state Senate, has 18 percent, according to a SurveyUSA-POP poll released Friday. With the exception of one undecided voter, each candidate has won at least one early vote.

Moore leads Strange by a margin of 49 percent to 36 percent, according to the SurveyUSA-POP poll, which is just one point in favor of the winner going into the Dec. 12 Special Election to fill Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat.

Another poll, released on Tuesday by the conservative Breitbart News, found Moore trailing Strange by 9 points, 41 percent to 33 percent.

Strange leads by 14 points in the new poll, which surveyed 600 likely voters. He won 60 percent of the early vote and 33 percent of the vote at the last round of voting on Nov. 5.

Strange, who spent roughly $17 million in an unsuccessful bid for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ old job, has received support from 43 percent of likely voters, while Moore is supported by 28 percent and Strange has 17 percent, according to the Breitbart poll.

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