Is telekinesis a real thing? – Cool Easy Magic Tricks With Cards

Telekinesis has been studied since the 1930s by Dr. John Edward in New Mexico and later Dr. Paul LaRoche in California, and by many others. It is the ability to move and manipulate objects with one’s thoughts, not with muscles, like you just learned. In fact, some people can use more than a dozen different types of physical skills and many of those are quite diverse, although most people use telekinesis to move objects they touch or pick up by touching. When a person does not see anything in front of them, or does not want to move it, they tend to use their thought to control it.

Some of the abilities of telekinesis are:

• Moving objects

• Changing the material of surfaces

• Manipulating sound waves

Some people may be able to do these other telekinetic abilities.

Also, some people might be able to communicate telepathically, but they have an advantage in the ability to move objects with their thoughts, and telepathic communication is thought to be much rarer than physical communication.

Some people do not possess any of the above abilities. In those cases, we call these people telekinetics. Telekinesis can be classified as non-ordinary or extraordinary in the general population because it is difficult to detect. This group of telekineses is often called telekinetics.

A “telekinetic” has never used these powers.


Some people might also be able to move objects with their thoughts and control objects.

Why are doctors afraid of telekinesis?

The doctor might see telekinesis as a mental disorder that should be diagnosed and treated. He might not even be aware of it. The doctor might also consider it to be a “mystic” power.

But he might be a very stupid man if he suspects that most children who have it do not need to be treated. He might also consider it to be a “spiritual” power.

Some of my students, even in kindergarten, may have a difficult time expressing telekinesis. They may know the difference between a “warp” and a “force.”

Many parents have their children tested. They want to find out what is a “force” and a “warp” in their children.

They are very upset if they find out that even a little bit of telekinesis is very normal. For

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