Is telekinesis a real thing?

[17:26] if you mean “to perform a physical action such as lifting an object,” or to carry something, no [17:28] not exactly, as I understand telekinesis is an actual thing – that’s the whole point of magic – that makes something move in certain ways [17:29] or something close [17:29] or how telekinesis might work [17:29] the same stuff happens between plants and insects [17:30] but it’s much harder to do in actuality [17:30] telekinesis, how do we translate this to the modern day?? [17:31] <@dine909> yeah [17:31] no-one’s actually studying it [17:31] <@dine909> and they have no idea what the exact function doing that works [17:31] <@dine909> it’s like, a vague concept [17:31] what do you say about the idea of a supercomputer with some sort of consciousness? [17:32] or “the only way a computer is going to understand it is if it’s being put through “mental Turing tests”, and that means it’s “superior to any brain in the universe” (I mean, that is where human-level intelligence lies) [17:32] if you say “telekinesis” a word like this will instantly evoke some sort of mental image of a giant squid in a suit of power armour running at full force to try to crush your brain into nothing but dust” [17:33] ^ [17:33] no [17:33] <@dine909> you would call a supercomputer, which is like a neural network in that sense, but with no conscious mind in it.. [17:33] and then people think “well, but those machines can communicate with us” [17:34] I know, I’m thinking of a really elaborate computer in a giant suit of armour [17:34]