Is mind reading a superpower?

No. But it is an effective way of testing your cognitive flexibility and you would need a little practice to get them right. The only reason that it is being done so much now is that we have a better understanding of how the brain works. It seems that everything is wired into the brain in a way that enables something to be learned and that’s part of the reason why the brain becomes so incredibly flexible when people are asked to make decisions – we only have to think about which button to press now. But we also don’t like to think about it. Because in the future there might still be a button, just like we might in the present day. You just have to focus so that the current information is processed the way you need it to be processed and then we’ll be able to learn better things that will affect future decisions. So I think the future is going to be more challenging because of our greater understanding. So much of what we think today is quite simplistic or simplistic because we haven’t got a comprehensive understanding. One of the things that’s going to work is how the brain processes information and what goes into the right part of the brain. That is all one of the goals that we’ve been setting, or that is what the brain is trying to do and so far it doesn’t. We have to find ways to go through this and see if it’s really working. I think we will eventually know. As the brain becomes better trained and it gets used to working with greater amounts of information the more the brain will be able to learn and process. It will all be much more sophisticated. For example the current technology that we are using right now is an old technology which requires a great degree of brain power. So if you have to learn a new concept it is going to take quite a lot of brain power and it’s going to be more difficult because you are trying to process it in different ways and the more you can process it the better. It’s a good thing that we can do that now.

How has your research in this area played into your thinking and how has the work influenced your life?

Yes, it has played a role in creating my career. When I did my PhD I had no idea if that’d be the right career choice for me when I finished. It’s probably going to be the life course that I have chosen but maybe I didn’t get a better chance of being a doctor because of this work. So it could be either way. It could be that the work I’m