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Yes. I have a couple of thoughts on how it works:

There’s nothing magic about it; you don’t have to be a genius to do it. That said, there is something magical about seeing an ad, and thinking you can influence the audience to buy something. When you do that for any product or service, you’re actually influencing real customers.

How to read someone’s mind without relying on eye-tracking technology

It’s always easy to tell if you’re reading a person’s mind. But you probably won’t notice a difference if you only use a computer to do it. So how do you read someone’s mind without your computer? And how long can you keep reading them without seeing a different opinion?

Let’s say you’re on your phone and talking to your friend on the other end. You can see their eyes and hear their words, but you have no idea whether they’re really thinking about what they just said or about the conversation about which they just spoke. So a computer program, like Amazon’s Audible tool, can read a person’s mind. Just download the software and run it yourself. But what happens if you’re not using that software, and if you don’t have an audibility software installed?

You can’t just ask a person’s opinion about whether they want to hear your thoughts; you have to use your voice to tell them why you’re asking. But that’s still not the same.

This means you don’t have to get up and talk to people in the street or in restaurants. But if you do, you will probably start hearing opinions other than your own.

What if you have an assistant? Like Siri can give you an automatic opinion on whether you should hear an advertisement if your phone ringed, for example.
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The software can then give you a similar opinion automatically based on a lot of different data. To make that happen, it has to know what people say as well as what they do. To say something is important? It has only to see what you say, how you say it, and what others say you say. And to ask the right question, it needs data about what the person says.

I wrote a full-length post on this topic here.

Can you get a person to tell you something that they didn’t say?

Yes. But it’s quite tricky. It’s not like asking Siri this question or a friend with an assistant like Amazon’s Alexa

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