Is Magic natural? – Magic Tricks For Kids Tv

You could argue that Magic is natural, but to me that’s a slippery slope argument to make. If magic isn’t natural, then I cannot use it. I see nothing wrong with something that exists in natural states. I would certainly find it to be normal if it were natural or not. So that would be natural when you remove it from the physical world. So I see no reason to say that Magic is more natural than natural but not natural.

Can anything else be natural to the mage, even something that doesn’t fit into one of those categories?

Of course. If there’s anything that isn’t natural that a mage can use to their advantage then by all means use it. I am sure that the other magicians on this side would agree.

What would your personal definition of natural be for a mage?

The concept of a natural state is always something that a magicians can use but they wouldn’t be allowed to use as a part of their art in the physical world. So if a magic is not natural then it has to be something something that is not part of this world. So in short I say that any kind of magical ability that isn’t part of this world then can’t be used by a mage to their benefit. This includes everything from a healing spell to an attack. So when I say that anything that isn’t part of this world cannot be used, it also includes things like the use of a weapon, but that’s for another story.

Why is the existence of magic in the physical world more beneficial than the existence of magic in the mind?

Magic is an interesting subject. Although the main reason for it being useful to us is that without magic your life would be very short. Without life, there’s no reason for people to bother pursuing magic. However this is also true of the mind. Without memory of past experiences a mage cannot live on without the knowledge of them. Therefore it’s also true that magic is more beneficial to the mind, but it’s completely different than the body where the body still needs the memory from the past experience.

So the magicians who have developed the techniques to control their body can, at least, live outside this world, but the magicians who can only use their minds can’t?

No. No, in general. The ability to control one’s own body is an extremely rare skill. When you do learn it, it’s only then that magicians will be able to manipulate their body

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