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I am not sure of the exact answer to that one…but it does seem pretty strange.

If you’re like me and you’re a huge fan of the Magic series for its time, these two questions might seem like the equivalent of the “What’s the best color?” or “What’s the best creature?” in Magic terms…

But why doesn’t Magic have such a question? It seems like a very natural part of Magic as it seems to be an area where people can get creative and think outside the box.

What other games have done this?

You’d be surprised if you read up on other games. But, here are a couple that I did know:

Baldur’s Gate had a question during the opening phase of the game: “What is the color of my chosen hero?”

Magic: The Gathering had a similar question prior to a player’s first roll. “What is the color of all creatures in play?”

Gears of War does have this: “If you activate one of your equipment in the first round of combat, will you immediately deal the most damage?”

Warhammer 40,000 has a question during the opening phase: “What are the units of this map?”

There’s an entire RPG called Star Realms out there, but I have yet to play it, so I can’t confirm where the rules come up with such questions…yet.

So are these a logical way to ask, if not the ideal way to ask? Is it a sign you can’t be creative, because someone else would know better?

I think that this question is actually more suited to game design in general: what can you tell in this area that would be most intriguing to the player, and how can you use that to your advantage in an environment that allows that play style. This type of question has a huge role in game design, and it’s something that games that are popular tend to try and do every now and then.

A question like this is also a great opportunity to let an audience know why they’re there, and that they’re there as part of the story or the play experience.

So are players really going to take this opportunity to ask this type of question when it’s in a card? And if not, are players being asked the wrong question to begin with?
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Is Magic Magic?

The question itself is the last part of the equation, and there is a common

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