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In its final form, magic is an illusion as well. It is the illusion of the person’s mind that the magic being used is real. Magic is a false reality. It is the illusion of self or mind (or soul), and it is something else entirely.

For that reason, we do not actually have magical powers but we have powers of illusion. Magic is a false reality. It hides the truth, and this false reality hides us. If we are a false reality, then the only way to escape its grasp is to reject it and reject ourselves.

If we are the illusion, then we have the power to become the reality. We gain our power from our power. We gain magic from the illusion that our minds can be created. We gain illusions from the illusions that we have created, such as self and others.

In the end, if we do not resist it, we are tricked into believing our powers will be real. Once we believe our powers exist, it is impossible to have any illusions left.

In order to resist this illusion and to free ourselves from it, we need to think about what we believe. We need to know who we really are, and what we truly stand for as a human being. We need to accept responsibility for our decisions. It may be a part of our nature to resist this false reality, but it is our nature to embrace it.
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For that to happen, we need to let go of some self-loathing and self-hate. We have to learn that if we are not the illusion then we are the illusion and we have to let go of who we are.

There is nothing about us that is more powerful or more important. Our minds are tools, we have them and we use them, we can create illusion after illusion and choose to believe that they are real. They are not, they are illusions.

How did we get here?

All this goes back to the concept of illusion. Illusion is a false reality, and therefore, our minds are illusions.

We need only allow the power that we have to believe in it and be willing to face the consequences.

We must not judge other people, other beings for the choices they make. We must also not judge ourselves. There is no need to judge ourselves, we are in control of our own minds and can choose to either accept that we may choose to think that other people do not really exist, or that we may choose

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