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I have two sons and I’ve watched every second of their day. They’ve been in therapy a lot and reading them has been a huge part of that. They know all kinds of things. There are all kinds of things that might be just as important as what my daughter is thinking.

So, in one sense, you believe the magic is in the kids?

Not for you, but that’s the way I feel. That’s the way I wanted to live my life. I never wanted that to be just for me. There are kids like my daughter – they’re going into therapy. They don’t have anybody else telling them things – so they might as well be doing what they’re told.

What do you think is the most important thing that we want out of kids or adults?

I think we want good lives. What a lot of other people have said is, “Well, you’re being selfish, you want to be like your father. You don’t want to think for yourself.” And I would say that’s not the case. I think it’s more about, what can we provide to them when you leave the time to them?

What are your hobbies? Or interests?

I guess sports will be sports. I always have been a great golfer. I played baseball in high school and I am very interested in basketball, too.

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When you were first starting out, was there anything that you thought was impossible?

I had always thought that people on the street were not that smart. I never thought that was how they talked, or that they were that good at sports. I had thought, “Wow. They seem to be intelligent.”

Do you remember reading in a newspaper that there was a race where, in order to win the money, you had to throw an imaginary object at it?

No, it was just something I thought was amazing.

Where did that concept come from?

I believe it was in a paper – the Boston Globe.

What happened? When you are 18, you are not thinking, like your friend at work or your partner are, do I even want to know if I am winning. And you throw an imaginary object – like a baseball or a bowling ball – at the person and then you take a picture – that is when you learn.

So you just wanted to get ahead with some of your friends for some fun, and now at 17, you want

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