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Is a sword an artifact?

What happens when a sword goes missing?

Forget books, paper, and ink – magic is in the air right now. You can find magic in the air – in your body!

A new Magic-in-the-Air technique is going viral. It’s called “Fidgety-fingered.” What do you mean? It’s called “Fidgety-fingered” because it is actually a fingering motion. It is an amazing technique!

Here is how I did it:

Step 1. Fidget

Step 2. Finger Fidget

The story behind the famous “Kashmiri tea” — an instant classic of British dining in the 1990s

(This story was featured in the Oct./Nov. 2016 issue of Eater London)

As a little boy I remember sitting in a garden just off the central London station with my dad, just before the doors of the station opened, to get a glimpse of the world in a new way. It was the late ’70s and the London Underground was undergoing a seismic change.

The new stations, called ‘Stations’ after the place they were built to go, were large, well-lit spaces with no air conditioning and huge windows that opened on either side to let commuters peer inside and enjoy a bit of the sunshine.

I had my own little garden where I lived in Kentish Town with my family before moving with them to London. We’d buy flowers at the market then make tea and sandwiches on our terrace. When I was about two years old, we stopped using the garden so my mother brought me in a tea jug of my favorite tea, the one my father had made, and put it out in the garden as a treat.

It came to light that there was a tea company on the tube system that sold and advertised this particular tea. I would sit behind the counter every day and drink it through the window, just looking out and thinking about all the things that I’d missed the last time I had gone on a tube journey. One day, when I was about 12 years old, I finally got there, got my mug and walked away.

That particular tea was called the ‘Kashmiri tea’ because the leaves were grown in the hills of Kashmir, India, and the drink was made with a variety of fruits and herbal spices, including turmeric, which when made into a tea also

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