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There’s evidence to suggest that the former, as far as this was concerned, is possible through various means.

1. Permanence

The first is the easiest. Imagine that you have recently graduated from high school and are looking for a job. Once you’ve landed one, there are many possible places you could apply for it. If you are lucky, the job you apply for is one that is already filled, or one that is highly desirable. Either way, you will have a very good shot if you apply for it at all.

If your high school is a magnet or regional college, then you may qualify because of geographic proximity or school quality – meaning you tend to stay close to one. If your college or the magnet school have regional admissions offices, then they may be able to get you on a list. The more distant, the more difficult it is to get a job at that same location.

Unfortunately, there are many places where employers have no interest in you. And, of course, there are many places where the employers who do care, don’t even know their applications exist.

2. Multiple Employers

Some employers may be looking for a specific applicant across multiple departments. For instance, if you want to apply for a part-time position in the financial services industry, you may be matched up with several applicants for different roles.

While one department may be able to hire you due to good reference in their department, it will be tough for other departments. It would not surprise me to hear that some recruiters won’t even admit there are candidates for your job.

While this may work for some of the jobs available, it isn’t ideal. When hiring, companies are very interested in having people be happy working for them. It would help if there were enough applicants available for every position.

3. Applicants in the Same City

If you happen to be an applicant with connections in one neighborhood, you may be able to obtain some of that person’s references. If your potential employer does not have good relationships with that same area, he may not know you exist. But if all you have to offer is a list of references from multiple departments, that is quite feasible. This is even true with less than 2/3rds of the market being interested in your abilities.

4. Employer Recognition of a Grad

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One of the best ways to get a job in this field is to have a highly competitive application that

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