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Levitation has existed in many human cultures and in various animal-based cultures. It has been widely practiced by many artists, and also in various human-animal societies, including the Aztecs (Mexicans), Chinese, and Hindus. It has been used by ancient Israelites; it was also used by the Egyptians, and some cultures that use it today.

Does levitation occur from a single moment of contact between two people? [ edit ]
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Levitation is not an instantaneous occurrence; it is a process occurring over a period of time. For example. in a flying car with a parachute, the first seconds of the fall are considered the “climb” period. The second seconds, of which are only about a second into the fall, are usually the “crawl” phase. After this, the car slows down, rolls, or accelerates. Even if the person is a passenger, some portion of the “climb” time is not included in the “climb” period, so the person still has had considerable time to make preparations for the “clench” motion; in such cases, the “clench” and “climb” phases are not the same. In a car, the “climb” period may range over minutes or hours. If the person was actually climbing to get into the car, it would be the “clench” phase; this would mean that she “clench” while in the car and was not moving; in this case her “climbing” period would not have lasted more than about a minute and a half. It is possible, however, that she was climbing to make it easier and more efficient to climb out.

Is there any evidence that levitation by human beings is common? [ edit ]

There are a few cases of individuals demonstrating levitation, even though no video evidence (or other data) was available. One individual who was described as levitating at a school event (as reported on the internet by the school) said he fell for about a second before regaining his balance. His report did not mention what happened once he regained his balance. It is not certain it was a levitation effect, as the person described is not a levitation expert (which can complicate the experiment).

What is the definition of “slip and fall”? [ edit ]

Slip and fall refers to a condition where an object (such as an umbrella) slides over the feet of a pedestrian

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