Is levitation possible by human?

That we can levitate without the help of any artificial aids can only be a matter of course. If by the use of light and power we can produce a force beyond our comprehension; if we can make use of the mind and body, as these latter are powerful means of power, we may be able to accomplish such an accomplishment–to lift or drop ourselves on a large scale and carry our own weight–and to do it without any aid whatever, even if such artificial aid were given us. We have seen such a thing once already!

“The world of spirit and fire,” says one observer, “can be lifted out of the dust of our planet, even if the earth or atmosphere were to fall. But if we could not lift ourselves up in the air, there is a possibility that we could levitate others of our kind, provided that those other individuals were strong enough to bear the weight.”

It is also clear that there is the possibility of levitating a large mass from low to high in the air, or even from very low to the surface of a large body of water.

“If you have a magnet, or more precisely a field created by a permanent magnet, then you may be able to levitate the earth or any object from a great height,” says one writer.

“You make a ball of glass and you create the greatest pressure, the greatest pressure being generated by that glass ball, and you place in it a moving globe of glass and you draw that globe of glass, that is, that glass ball, up with a force beyond that of every ball. It is impossible to lift that glass ball with a force greater than that of the earth, for the Earth is a mass of ice and glass, and if I were to take that ice ball and place it in the atmosphere, that is, in the atmosphere of earth, I could not raise that ice ball of ice from that height.”

The earth moves in all directions in a vacuum and all its natural forces are neutral in matter. It is a matter of no consequence to those who believe that air currents affect the motion of the earth: it does not affect the motion of air currents.

“It may happen that you can lift another with one hand,” says one commentator.

“To lift people is easy if the object be light and you can support the whole weight on one hand, the weight being supported by the shoulders alone.”

The body which is lifted or lowered, like an