Is Derren Brown a magician? – Some Magic Tricks To Learn Easy For Kids

Maybe so. Maybe not, but if you ask me and many others why he can play guitar, draw, sing, run an impromptu musical theater, write a bestselling memoir and make it into a top 20 Billboard album, he may have a better explanation than you’d think.

What makes him different from most artists performing comedy in bars, clubs and churches may lie in three specific dimensions of his personality:

1. His ability as a performer. Derren Brown is not only a gifted, funny performer. He is the kind of performer who seems to work his audience every day, even when he’s not there; he is always one of the people who responds to his jokes best. This is how you can tell how comfortable he is with the audience: when he doesn’t even make eye contact when he performs. He also gives many of his jokes “a little bite” or “a little more humor at the edges,” according to his website, which is a very useful and comforting concept.

2. His work ethic. As a singer who has studied songwriting and produced five studio albums, Derren Brown has a passion for making music. When he’s performing, Derren is so focused on the music he’s creating that he will often do his own vocals, rather than sing. This can be really useful in his performances, because you can hear Derren’s singing and hear what he’s really doing.

3. His willingness to open up his life for others. Derren has a message for audiences across the country: We shouldn’t feel like we have to be “in the room” with comedians when they are speaking about the difficult subjects. And Derren is absolutely committed to giving audiences a chance to do just that. For Derren, that means the opportunity to listen, think and even laugh out loud as he sings his jokes. It’s no wonder he’s been able to do this since he was seven years old. If you haven’t taken the time to check out his website (, you might be surprised at just how humble and humble Derren is.

His humor can be a lot more than a punch line for a joke. Derren’s comedy doesn’t require much in the way of technique, only his ability as a performer.
SAWING THE LADY IN HALF – United States of Everywhere

Derren Brown will be on stage with you at the ImprovOlympics on Saturday, September 2, at the Westcott Theater in Washington, DC.

“When Derren Brown is onstage

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