Is Derren Brown a magician?

I say so, he’s got a great sense for how you guys get your music heard, and his work is one of the most impressive things I’ve seen in the last 30+ years. Even though his songs are so big they don’t appear in the actual videos, it’s a great example of how an artist in a different era was able to make the big money, while the artists in his time are so small they seem not to be much more than the sound of a guitar on a stereo in a bedroom.

But, as has been the case since he entered the big time, he also makes mistakes. As someone who’s not sure that Derren’s sound is “his”, I’m not surprised at his biggest mistake, in the video the narrator, while trying to make sense of the lyrics, makes a very silly mistake: “The old man on the screen is also a magician.” The mistake happens in the moment when the narrator, by way of saying magic is over, throws his arm into the audience. Derren uses an expression that I’ve heard a few times, “it’s like a magic trick, like the world’s greatest magician and I just throw a fist into the crowd.” It also happens in the video, for which the narrator says “I feel like a magician”. He’s not a magician, but he definitely has a good sense for what he’s doing and how it can be done well. In this case he’s making a joke about how a magician throwing a fist is the same as a magician making a magic trick – and that can be an extremely serious mistake and even result in harm being done.

Even without that, however, there’s another big point in Derren’s world that’s worth noting: “I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who would dare to put an end to what he is doing.” The guy’s music is too special, and so special that he can’t let others take his place – that’s where a little humility comes in.

What it tells us

That Derren is a genuinely good person who’s also making a good living – something you don’t hear very often these days. Derren is at his best, in fact, when he’s being the kind of person he was as a little boy. We learn from the documentary, just as Derren himself said, that “music is his art”. While it’s a sad situation for someone who lives the dream and still takes money from the world, being the kind of person