How Old Is Magic The Gathering? – Magic Tricks Easy To Learn With Cards

Magic is the most successful trading card game ever created. The game still draws the attention of countless millions of players in dozens of different locations around the world.

According to the number of Magic players, its estimated that about 3.5 million people play the game every day with a total of more than 500 million cards.

How Popular Is Magic: The Gathering?

The game has been around since the beginning of December 2001. It was created by Mark Rosewater, Mike Elliott, and Richard Garfield.

From a very early point it was known for being played in multiplayer-only drafts. However, the game has since grown in popularity as more players use more powerful and higher-ranking decks to overcome opponents. The game was ranked # 1 by the latest Official World’s Top 100 Players List for May 2004.

Top 10 Most Played Cards

Card Name Set Type Rarity Artist Rulings Alliances Magic 2002 Rulings Can’t attack if you have no creatures with toughness 4 or greater on the battlefield.

Alpha Magic 1993

Alpha 2 Magic 1994

Beta Magic 1998

Beta 3 Magic 2000

Future Sight

Gideon’s Verdict

Infernal Tutors

The Dark Side


Orzhov Foundry


Time Spiral Masters

Time Spiral Block

Trading Cards

The trading card game has evolved through various games, such as card battles or as casino games. The cards that have the most popularity in this world have been added over a long time period, such as The Dark Depths (Magic: The Gathering) and The Dark Side of Dimensions (Magic: The Gathering).

How To Play Magic: The Gathering ?

Card game that involves strategy to win. It’s a fast-paced sport where a player will use card advantage such as cards, mana, lands, equipment or spells in order to outplay their opponent by drawing more cards than they need. They can also use their knowledge of the game to manipulate the game’s rules, such as by changing the game’s cards or playing with new creatures than they have been able to previously use in the game.

There are many rules in play in Magic the Gathering that players need to memorize to be able to win. Most of the time those rules are written in the game’s card text. Sometimes the game’s rules are known to be used on the cards themselves so players have to refer to

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