How does MTG close up work? – Youtube Magic Tricks Revealed Levitation Meaning

  One way they do is by getting people to play a bunch of games in a single month or in a certain way at a time.  They set up a few pre-release events each month, and then every game people buy in they get points to either buy an entry to any of the pre-release events during one of those, put points into a shopping spigot, or even buy a pack of cards.
They don’t really like pre-release events, because some people are so good at buying packs that they can play a bunch of games per day. They like it the way it is because it’s fast and it’s convenient and people don’t mind waiting in lines. 
People have a pretty bad habit in this day and age of always trying to make the game a little better than they’ve already got, and it has gotten a bit of a bad reputation.  I want to point out that people like me like to complain so that others can avoid those problems.
As a side note in these situations I have found that some players will just go ahead and play games that they’re going to do in the game, because that’s not fun to play against them.  And I find them to be a great way to teach someone how to play something that is not their favorite and get them more comfortable making up their own deck.
Here’s a little article I did on a lot of the different things I’ve seen people do to make MTG more accessible. This is my favorite part:
 I don’t have too much to add to this, except to say that it’s great and it’s worked well for us.  But if you want a general idea, go pick up a paper copy of the latest print edition and read it.
You can still be competitive. You can still have fun playing. MTG is still fun to play.

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